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What do you think about the American movie about the origins of NASA called "The Right Stuff" from 1983?

I have Asperger's Syndrome, although when I was a very young child, but then in the 1980s (I was born in 1986) no one in Poland or even America, no one had heard of neurodevelopmental disorders, I was originally diagnosed with ADHD, only later changed to Aspergers.

My physics teacher said that under communism you could get the label of a subversive if someone was too interested in "imperialist cosmonautic technology", i.e. the American one :-)

Poland, Hungary and Romania were the only countries of the former Eastern bloc that decided to broadcast the landing of Neil Armstrong on the moon, which pissed off the USSR, although in general my mother's generation enjoyed the successes of the Soviets in space, although we did not like the USSR as such, for example Gagarin Flight was very covered in Poland because  made a mockery out America, because the Americans had ridiculed the Slavs earlier, so it was nice when the Slav of Yuri Gagarin overtook Mr. Shepard in who would be the first man in space, and the American rockets of that period had too little power to send these little capsules of the Mercury program into orbit. My mother said that the Russians sent a woman Tereshkova into orbit, and the Americans were too big sexists to let their woman fly Apollo, my mother died in 2017, I think that she would like her series "For all mankind" because there is an alternative, more women-friendly reality I'm a guy BTW 


There are conspiracy theories that the first man in space was a Russian woman, but she died trying to re-enter the atmosphere after the flight ended :-(

Update 2:

Another of my favorite films was the completely fictional "Space Camp" broadcast by TVP on the Polish national station in the Saturday Z Disney block, in the early 90s, my uncle joked that he would be betting that it would be a Soviet "could" accidentally send a school trip to oribita, since one Russian, unfortunately with a Polish surname, Wiesław Kudryński, a Polish-Russian allowed his son to pilot Airbus, and boy crashed it no survivors  :-( 

Update 4:

Regarding the movie, there was one scene where the astronauts had to give a sperm sample and the astronaut Gordon Cooper was making fun of a nurse at the NASA medical center, asking how he was going to do it, and she clinically told him that by masturbating to lead to ejaculation, then I was 7 years old and I asked my dad what this masturbation was, and dad that I was too small for this, that he would explain to me when I got older ;-)

Update 5:

I finally checked in the Dictionary of Foreign Words in Polish what the word "Masturbation" means, I once approached my dad while he was playing chess with my uncle, my aunt's husband, who was my mother's sister, and I said that I already know what masturbation is and that I am doing it, I know what it is, that I have been doing it since I was in the first grade (7), that I liked it a lot, but I did not know that it has a name, and if I will ejaculate one day, I'll be an older boy :-)

2 Answers

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    I'm confused.  Half of your questions ask if you have Aspergers.  The other half say you do have Aspergers.  All of them say you are Polish.  I already figured that out.  Thanks for sharing you stories about masturbating.  Fascinating.  Very Polish, but fascinating just the same.

  • 1 month ago

    Love that movie. One of the best movies of that decade.

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