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Anonymous asked in Education & ReferenceTeaching · 1 month ago

I work in a strange place what do I do?

Started work as a teacher last year and it was strange none the less. My computer was stolen from my room only for it to randomly appear in the lost and found, I have people following me around it seems. No it is really weird students and other teachers but many times it is substitute teachers. Multiple times I have had subs stuff in my room would be missing or put in a weird spot and I speak to the assistant principle who says the subs may have needed to use it. But I can also tell my filing cabinet has been gone through. I keep it locked all the time. I also have evaluations more then other teachers and it is not because I am new. Primarily by one assistant principal who usually is the one who says that it is fine that the subs used MY STUFF! Things would be moved around in my desk I set up a recording device to be found by a the sub I had and turned into the office where I got into trouble. I have also been having things placed into my room as well. Like things that appear out of no where. They also ask me personal questions as well but the people seem so likable mainly one of my tutors and a former student who just graduated which where really nice and I really like but they got all kinds of information by just charming their way out of it. My room has also been searched for drugs before multiple times. The drug dog also ate something out of my purse I had which why they had the dog SEARCHING MY THINGS is still a mystery to me. They said sorry and gave me like 20 dollars.


I don't understand what is going on it is very strange. Also sometimes teachers find excuses to come into my room and just stay there "talking to students" it makes zero sense and I never had something like this happen before and I don't understand it at all. When I say stuff just appears I mean alarm clocks, weird pens sitting in random drawers, note pads that appear and then disappear in the same week, my note pads missing and then magickly returning in a weird spot, yea very weird stuff

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