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Which spy vs spy is better?

Does one have better super powers, also can either of them fly

3 Answers

  • 2 months ago

    Employed by the embassies of two nations and identical except for the color of their uniforms, the Spies battle against each other with a variety of complicated (sometimes ridiculously so) weapons, machines and Rube Goldberg-style props. The victor alternates roughly every other comic, and neither spy is portrayed as good or evil, since both of them are equally ruthless towards each other. Even though they are pretty much identical, their habits and jobs aren't exactly the same: the White spy is sort of a scientist, as in a good number of strips he's creating weapons and projects for his agency, while the Black spy is much more of an infiltrator, as he tries to steal the aforementioned plans. He's also a master of disguise, relying much more on deception than the White one, who rarely uses guns or melee weapons to kill his enemy.

  • 2 months ago

    They are the same!!!!!! They just defeat each other.

    Source(s): Wikipedia
  • To my understanding, they are both the same.

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