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How do you learn to organize your thoughts ?

Like organizing a novel is a lot easier than organizing information for a non fiction book with when the content has no obvious sequence demanded because a non fiction book might contain hundreds of pages of pure fact and I’m not sure how to organize my ideas to avoid duplication when I arrive at them spontaneously - my book is religious in nature and no obvious chronology is present in the data I produce which is why I don’t want to waste long hours on duplicate material that I later have to delete. 

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  • 2 months ago
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    That's why you need to think longer. Every nonfiction book, whether scientific, sociopolitical, or spiritual, has a point it's making. Even if your ideas are spontaneous, you need a structure, same as a novel does.

    What is the point of your book?

    Just pretending, but say the point is that WWJD bracelets changed the world. (That's a long-past fad, the bracelets reminding the wearer to think, What would Jesus do?) You'd open with the inventor of the concept, the creation of the bracelets by one person at first, the fad booming into huge popularity with hundreds of people making them. Then you might cut to stories about individuals wearing the bracelets and making different choices because of them. Next you might have interviews with Christian leaders of various faiths and how/if they see the bracelets impact their congregation. You might close with what the bracelets did and what more they could do, or could have done and why they did not. Bada-bing, bada-boom, your basic structure is there.

    So what's your point? How could you best support that point? In what logical order could the support appear? If there's more than one, which is better and why?

    As I've said before, having a really great idea does not translate into being able to create a book based on it. There's *work* to be done.

  • 2 months ago

    use apple notepad

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