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So how does getting admitted to a psyche hospital work?

I'm an author, writing about a girl who gets sent into a psyche hospital because her father believes she's gone insane. She's 18, and he manages to convince them that she's a danger to herself and those around her. What happens next concerning rooming? Medications? Tests? From her perspective, what's actually happening to suggest that a process is being completed?

I have never been admitted myself and I want to make sure it's properly represented.


As someone mentioned that there was a difference in location, my story is located in the Northeast US, think MD, but the exact town is unspecified.

As far as 'only write what you know' guess nobody is allowed to write about vampires, characters of the opposite gender, anything fantasy, or anything else that they have not directly experienced. I would just like to put out there that I am also doing other research but I was hoping for anecdotal answers that could give me an idea of the inside.

Update 2:

Also, it's set in 2010

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  • Marli
    Lv 7
    2 months ago

    Note the words I shall quote from Anonymous's answer that I put between astrisks

    'NEVER attempt to write about things you know nothing about. Either get direct personal experience *or do real research*."

    Contact psychiatric hospitals in MD or whatever state you intend to put the story. What is the law and the procedure in Maryland about committing insane people who a danger to themselves or others? 

    I presume that court hearings are involved when a person is committed to a psychiatric hospital. There was for Harry K. Thaw, who killed architect  Stanford White in New York in the early 1900s [1910?] Check if that is so today.

    I don't know if this book will help you understand a few things about a psychiatric hospital  It is 30 years old. If you check the Library of Congress subject headings in your own library's catalog or using an internet search engine, you might find useful information.

    You could type "psychiatric hospitals" "care of the insane" "Insanity" (since there are different forms of madness) "committal of the insane" in the internet search engines box  

    See if there is anything useful on the American Psychiatric Association's website.

    You have to dig out the information. If I wrote a book about a vampire, I would need to do research to find out what real vampires are and how they are used in fiction and in myth. If my character is a man, I would need to study men.  Interview them. Go where men are and observe them. Compare the sorts of men I think resemble my characters. I would also ask the men in my writing group if I 'wrote those men right'. A writer goes to those who know.

  • 2 months ago

    At age 18 an independent evaluation can be done,  eliminating the father from the picture since she is an adult. 

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    Rule number One: NEVER  attempt to write about things you know nothing about. Either get direct personal experience or do real research,. Asking on a third-rate public forum doesn't constitute real research. You're not ready to become an author if you do not understand this basic tenet.


    Besides that, you've failed [emphasis on FAIL] to mention when and where. Do you think every psychiatric hospital everywhere is the same, or was in the past? THINK AGAIN. 

  • ?
    Lv 7
    2 months ago

    In America, what happened next would depend on how much money her father had or how good his health insurance is.

    The government doesn't just take your word for it that you're nuts and provide treatment, even if you've just committed some crime.  You know what we do with the uninsured mentally ill in this country? Jail or the streets.

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