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. Explain how through forms of critical thinking we can solve the problems we face in the political arena.?

Anyone please try to answer this, it's a thought provoking question for my philosophy crtitcal thinking class, I have my own answer but I would love to know what things you come up with, what your thoughts are on this subject, thanks!

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago
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    Great question!

    Critical thinking only works when people focus on presenting solutions palatable to the opposition.  For example, when the Texas governor announced he was opening up his state 100% the opposition party viewed it as sabotage instead of recognizing it as an opportunity for unity.  Biden labeled it as Neanderthal thinking.  Here's what Biden should have said instead:

    "In loyalty to his supporters and to his party, Governor Abbott has lifted all mask restrictions in his state in opposition to his own health experts as well as federal guidelines.  I can not recommend such action at this time, but I want to acknowledge his faith and I pray that his optimism isn't misplaced.  Ultimately, opening up fully is his decision and the health of his people are his responsibility.  I want him to know that although I do not agree with his choice, we are here to help all Americans and will be monitoring the situation closely."      

    Critical thinking isn't just coming up with a solution, it is also making sure people are willing to LISTEN and feel as though they have a CHOICE!!!!!

    Good luck!

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