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Anonymous asked in Social ScienceAnthropology · 1 month ago

Do you think that a 40 year old guy who cheats on his 23 year old girlfriend is an idiot and will he ever find another woman that good?

Why would a 40 year old guy who lives with his mother, only makes 48k a year, drives a 2007 jeep, doesn't own anything (home, stocks, bonds, land) window shop for other women and be a borderline cheater when he has a smoking hot 23 year old girlfriend with a bachelors degree in psychology, skinny, petite, big boobs, smart, nice, funny, likes anime/comics/star wars/harry potter is nerdy and introverted and is a talented artist who makes installation art, paints and draws.

He has done nothing to change to win her back but does say he still loves her and she was the love of his life. wtf...

photos of her/what he lost

Will he ever be able to get another woman like her again?

He's not rich, he does treat his girlfriends to frequent vacations, trips, dinners, gifts and pays higher rent and more bills since he's more established and makes 48k vs a 23 year old who is just starting out making $15 an hour

2 Answers

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    I don't know.  It's in the same category as "why does a troll keep posting this?"  No one but the ex-boyfriend AND the troll know the answer.  (I opened the site - which I almost never do - expecting to find the person you describe.  I did not find anyone who meets the description you posted.  Did you post the wrong site?)  I find it VERY that all of your OTHER questions asking people to rate your looks have been removed.  Psychology degree?  Really?

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    No wonder he dumped you. You're obsessive and no one like a person who can't let go. How many times are you going to ask this question?

    You think you're pretty but you're average and that's fine. Most people are. Just stop expecting special treatment for your looks because they're not as great as you think they are.

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