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What mass of sodium chloride will be required to completely react with 4.00 × 1024 formula units of AgNO3 and form AgCl and sodium nitrate?

I am trying to work my way through this equation but can't figure it out. Can anyone provide help where to start and steps to work through so I do equations like this in the future and have a good layout?

1 Answer

  • 1 month ago

    AgNO3 + NaCl → AgCl + NaNO3   [balanced as written]

    (4.00 × 10^24 formula units AgNO3) / (6.02214 × 10^23 formula units / mol) x

    (1 mol NaCl / 1 mol AgNO3) x (36.4611 g HCl/mol) = 242.18 g = 242 g NaCl

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