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Cartilage piercing questions ???

I have been thinking about getting a cartilage piercing (on the upper part of my ear - helix) for a while now. I do have a few questions though. My sister's getting her ears pierced for the first time for her birthday, and I might get another piercing. 

1) Would it look better on one or both ears? I have both of my ears (ear lobes) pierced btw.

2) What are some things to consider when deciding to put it on my left or right ear (if I decided to just pierce one cartilage)?

3) Any risks to getting a cartilage pierced? 

4) How badly does it hurt? Like, is it worse than an earlobe piercing? I've heard various answers...

5) What's the best place to do this? Doctors, Claire's, a tattoo/piercing place?

6) Anything else to keep in mind? 


2 Answers

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago
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    Definitely don't go to claires, you should get it done at a tattoo parlor. More expensive, but worth it because it'll look better and less chance of infection. Also don't get cartilage done with a gun, get them to use a needle instead. As for the pain, its hard to say since everyone's pain tolerance is different but it does hurt more than an earlobe piercing and takes longer to heal. I personally just got one ear done but with multiple piercings on just that one ear, but its up to personal preference and I think that both options you mentioned would look good. You could get some fake piercings and try the different combinations to decide which one you like best. Good luck! 

  • kelvin
    Lv 7
    2 months ago

    a tattoo parlor is the best place to have something like this done as you won't end up with it being funny looking and sadly the healing time for these is over a year

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