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True or False:  MOST white collared jobs are just "fluff jobs" to kind of order society into "educated managers" at top tier over slaves?

fluff jobs? non essential i mean. or just not really that big of a deal. most white collared jobs can be done via computer software and are not that hard at all to do ? I mean i worked for a pharmacist that made 100,000 dollars per year in salary and i mean their job was not any more difficult than running a cash register at McDonalds. really it was that easy  if not easier. WHY? other examples?


WHY THIS IS THE CASE? WHAT IS THE PURPOSE? MOST WHITE COLLARED JOBS ARE NON ESSENTIAL? why nobody wonders what this Big Brother system is about ?

2 Answers

  • 1 month ago

    Few years ago a man was banned when he included that famous photo of a young girl fleeing her burning village.

    He was banned because the software deemed it Child Porn as the child was naked after her clothes had been set on fire. 

    It could not distinguish the difference between a photo exposing a human tragedy and a sexual image. 

  • 1 month ago

    Actually when the lockdowns went into place my wife's real estate contract prep job was deemed essential....WHY?......You would have to ask governor Gavin Newsom who ordered it essential.

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